Jan B.M.’s  band ASSIMILATE just released their new EP. Here is the video teaser and the links to download the music!! It’s a killer futuristic music !!

taken in #oslo it’s an #apocalypse #photoshoot #assimilateband & #alienorchestra involved

the most inspiring artist just passed away! R.I.P. You’ll be deeply missed!

This short video trailer is a fresh response of Alien Orchestra music direction for 2014 and 2015. The complete song will be definitely listed and highlighted on the full-length album. The inspiration for writing this song has emerged from the movie ‘Dark Skies’. The song narrates the similar story of alien abduction as like as the story in the film and it’s also based on the true events but taking place somewhere else. The track’s gotten its scary shape accompanied by deep emotional melodies even the voice of Greys and ‘in-your-face’ lyrics.

The Official ALIEN ORCHESTRA logo designed by Erik Burton Kirchner Art. It looks pretty good the way it fits into AO. it’s gotten its cinematic touch something like the movie title but not utterly like a metal band logo which was basically premeditated to do so.

“We Do Have A Fear Of What We Believe In”
— Jan Batista Mojdis